Free the Forced - UN

On a bridge full of "love padlocks" we put up 3,500 padlocks representing women trapped in a forced marriage. By scanning the QR code on a lock people donated via their mobile phones on our mobile site and received a number code to open the lock - and to symbolically free a woman. To help spread the word about the victims of forced marriage, several social media functions were included and in just three days more than 570,000 unique visitors talked about Free the Forced and shared pictures of the bridge on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr.
Agency: Cheil Germany
Executive Creative Director: Roland Rudolf 
Creative Directors: Joern Welle, Thomas Schroeder
Concept Developer: Fernanda Roedel
Art Directors: Ian Lit Shen Lim, Peter Kirsch
Copywriters: Fernanda Roedel, Thilo Mueller-Ohldach